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(C) Masami Kurumada / Shueisha-Toei Animation | | Age: 15 years old and over | Age: 15 years old and older, followed by Phoenix Ikki, Andromeda Shun appeared as a <revival version>. All the facial expression parts for exchange are new moldings conscious of animation play. It has become a high set content of play value. [Set contents] Body, set of replacement hair parts, replacement two expression parts, replacement wrist left and right four each, complete set of sanctuary, nebula chain (metal) three, nebula chain (ABS), rolling defense reproduction Nebula chain, object frame (from Discovery Japan.co.jp)
Weight: 440
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★★★★★ Die cast and plating are beautiful
hari diupload : 2018 JSTPM02u11 11 278uSeninPM11 12 JSTPM1102PMSenin Senin
Google Translation Translated by Google
Die cast and plating are beautiful
Since the initial bronze has never been collected, it is reserved and collected in order by revival. Die-casting and plating are good and I am satisfied with this moment. The problem is price setting. The price increases considerably due to the increase in resale and facial parts, and this price is still quite high for bronze. If this is a regular price of about 5,000 yen, you can be happy to raise your hands.

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
初期青銅は集めたことが無かったので、リバイバルで順に予約して集めています。ダイキャストもメッキの塗装も良好でこの瞬も満足しています。問題はやはり価格設定ですね。 再販+顔パーツ増加でかなりの値上がりで、青銅でこの定価はやはり、かなり高く感じます。 これが5千円くらいの定価なら、諸手を挙げて喜べるのですが汗

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★★★★★ Andromeda moment with a much improved face!
hari diupload : 2018 JSTAM02u11 11 750uSeninAM11 12 JSTAM1102AMSenin Senin
Google Translation Translated by Google
Andromeda moment with a much improved face!
Revival version with new expression and molding colors. The face is much better than the previous version. Since the body is a normal mythic version, I like the difference in height that makes it nice to line up with the EX Gold Saint. I also purchased the first edition, but it was a great answer!

Original Japanese review Original Japanese review
表情パーツが新規造形&成形色のリバイバル版。旧版に比べて格段に良くなっていい顔に。 素体は通常の神話版なので、EX黄金聖闘士と並べるといい感じに身長差が出て気に入りました。 初版も購入しましたが、こちらを購入して大正解でした!

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B07BSFH7PN In Stock new 4549660247890

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